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    Default Protecting Ruth Davidson

    Ruth Davidson it's believed to be looking for a comfy seat South of Carlisle (or indeed a Peerage) in order to join the Westminster Cabinet.
    If you tour about political media , she appear to be akin to the second coming an affable oaf much like Boris, all jolly hockey sticks and full of fun
    She has NEVER been asked a hard Question , nor challenged on a reply,NEVER been asked about the "Dark Money" below It's alleged that money was filtered to the DUP via Scottish Conservatives

    In fact she is constantly promoted by the BBC
    Docherty-Hughes wrote: "As someone who has taken a keen interest in in the health of our democracy, it was another piece in an unfortunate pattern of the Scottish Conservatives using electoral and company law to obscure the ultimate source of donations it receives: donations which seem to be approaching some half a million pounds over the last number of years."

    He concluded by asking for answers to three specific questions:

    • What checks did the Scottish Conservative Party have in place before accepting such large donations from Unincorparted Associations?
    • Is Richard Cook the ultimate source of the donations set out, and is he still a member of the Scottish Conservative Party?
    • Does the party have a policy for accepting donations from the Constitutional Research Council?
    Could that money not be spent in of the less well off area of the England or Wales?

    Beware Davidson has NEVER won an election, she is a list MSP,that is she got the seat under

    "The additional member system produces a form of proportional representation, where each constituency has its own representative, and each region has seats given to political parties to reflects as closely as possible its level of support among voters.
    Each registered voter is asked to cast 2 votes, resulting in MSPs being elected in one of two ways:
    73 are elected as First past the post constituency MSPs and;
    56 are elected as Regional additional member MSPs. Seven are elected from each of eight regional groups of constituencies."

    and from Wings over Scotland

    I'll leave you with your thoughts!!
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