I have little time for Andrew Marr's program, in part because he gets absolute turnips as guests .

Today he had Stella Creasy MP( Labour for Walthamstow) on, addressing a serious issue regarding Devolved/Reserved Law in NI, as she trundled through banal stuff, without going into the rights and wrong of what she was saying. Up popped this one.......she stated that she had met with the SNP discussing the issue and had spoke to Ruth Davidson.
One there was nothing to discuss , both Scotland and NI are devolved as of course, is Wales.
All be it up in the air due to May and her putting NI under what is effectively direct rule from London
Where exactly is Walthamstow? It's rhetorical I know where it is

And oh Ruth Davidson is the leader of the Conservative Party in Scotland and being touted as Leader in Waiting to replace May. If she were to win an election in England that would be the FIRST one she would win as she is a list MSP,
I can't help but wonder given the backing given to Davidson by the BBC,how much of a mistake was it

I did also notice that the MP is on her high horse about PFI (private finance initiative) when in fact it was the preferred method of Labour's borrowing advocated by Gordon Brown,
That's how hospitals are getting sold off piecemeal to the good old USA