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Some background Common Space the blog is closely associated with Common Weal which is a think tank CommonSpace columnist and Common Weal director Robin McAlpine had this to say over the issue

Common Weal? What is that?
The definition is "For the benefit or interests of all members of a country or community.
‘such things as police protection and national defence are benefits vital to the common weal’

Note the web address

When things went adrift in 2008ish RBS and Lloyds were the ones who received government money(your money) via the Bank of England , why the hell did Alistair Darling , not just nationalise RBS and Lloyds,
Instead he said that 83% was going into "public ownership". What a load of nonsense!!
He should have taken the full thing and restructure it into a National Bank,That way growth could be maintained (for the customer and the economy)
Just wait, May is going to sell it off to her chums I have no doubt it'll be foreign ones and at the UK financial loss,
Does the public get interest form RBS?
Why not ?
If you have an RBS loan, do you not pay them interest and not at under 1%?

Time for radical thoughts