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Conversation Between Vox and longlostpoet

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  1. hello old friend,
    hope you are well !
    are bank charges still reclaimable ?
    a friend is being charged 22 every time he goes overdrawn.....
    is the procedure the same ?
    ie; Statements,, LBA, etc, etc,
    I found Stephen's "Step by Step" ...
    would that still work ?
    as an aside, I am unable to access my profile or my subscriptions, any ideas ?
  2. hello Vox
    clive here
    i have a signed Credit Agreement (Morgan Stanley) sheet from Cabot
    totally unreadable
    my details hardly visible
    is it poss to scan it to you as a whole on a pm
    would contain my old addresss and old bank details but not worried about a mod seeing it , just the whole site.
    defo un-readable but want a confirmation
    also in reply to SAR, no T & C's in pack which arrived today
    just lots of transaction data...........
    will be out till this pm
  3. Hi Vox,
    the letter that you send to get copy of agreement,
    is it still 1.00 PO
    or has the fee increased ?
    ( LLP )
  4. wotcha Vox..
    member needs help URGENT !
    Northern Rock Together Mortgage - urgent help required!
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