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  • Consumer Group's Unite Is very pleased to confirm that we have joined forces with Money Saving expert, Legal Beagles and the Consumer Action Group.
    In a joint campaign against unlawful bank charges, Money Saving Expert has paid for Ray Cox QC to draft the New Particular of Claim for all forums, which should be available for members to use within 10 days,

    We stress that all sites are now working as one to bring Justice to all consumers who have been the victim(s) of Unlawful bank charges
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    1. ragger's Avatar
      ragger -
      good news the more of us together the better
    1. Buchenauld's Avatar
      Buchenauld -
      Sounds like an excellent idea. Perhaps now the powers that be will sit up and take notice.
    1. *POLTMCM*'s Avatar
      *POLTMCM* -
      As Stephen knows already i have a great dislike of Martin Lewis, However i feel this must be pushed aside if he is prepared to fund the cost of the new POC, As you will be aware this is most certainly not cheap, into ridiculous money. Now if he is prepared to do this and share it with the other forums then great. I can say now that i have found a bit of respect for the man.

      As for the other forums i think this is what we wanted a way back in 2006/7 but yes i was involved it ended up as us and them, i am not proud of it, but i say that either are the other members of the various sites either. As long as we work as a singular unit and unite then we shall overcome. without the consumer there would be no banks, but without the banks there will always be a consumer. they need us more than we need them and the course of action the OFT SHOULD have taken is going to be rectified, by the sounds of it Martin lewis is paying very good money to cover ALL aspects of the arguments, I have won all of my personal and family cases however i know the hardship of having money stolen from you, I still enjoy the progress and wish the day to come sooner for people to be settled.

    1. Spaceman's Avatar
      Spaceman -
      great news, the more united we stand, the stronger we fight the good fight.

    1. mom2mysononly's Avatar
      mom2mysononly -
      Brilliant news, we need to show we won't go down quietly or without a fight!!
    1. un1boy's Avatar
      un1boy -

      Did the new POCs get drafted, or are we still waiting?
    1. Varangian's Avatar
      Varangian -
      Well there is still no word from MSE about the work they said they were doing on this. the announcements on the forum seem to keep pushing the date back.

      other work is being done here and also at Legal Beagles.
    1. budgy's Avatar
      budgy -
      Brilliant news.The more heads get together the better the outcome.
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