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    by Published on 05-10-2011 07:53 AM     Number of Views: 2477 

    On the 29/09/2011, I ( Stephen Hone) was informed that my entry to run the London Marathon in 2012, was accepted, I was lucky enough to be given one of the 1000 places in the Bequest draw.

    If you did not know, one of my childhood dreams was to run and complete the London Marathon. Hopefully I will fulfil that dream on the 22 April 2012.

    I have decided to run for Make-A-Wish Foundation, they grant magical wishes/dreams to children and young people aged 3-17 fighting life-threatening illnesses, I have chosen this charity because, I hope that by fulfilling one of my dreams, that I can make one of these children’s dreams come true.

    You can see a little video about some of the work they do.


    I really need your, to help make a childs wish/dream come true, all I need you todo is sponsor me.

    To do so please click on the link

    Thank you all in advance

    by Published on 29-07-2011 03:39 AM  Number of Views: 14323 
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    The Consumer “Action” Group calls the Consumers’ forum extremely foolhardy for offering our new particulars of claim to members.

    The Member Bankfodder ( Mark the founders account) of Consumer action group wrote.

    I'm afraid that they won't make the banks sit up at all. The so-called POC is flawed. Very poor quality. At least half of it involves arguments that already have been considered and have been disregarded by the Supreme Court. The other half of it – dealing with the FSA regulations is more interesting and is fairly relevant but I'm afraid it has not represented the argument correctly, or fully, or dealt with the complainant's position in respect of those regulations in terms of his locus to bring the claim...

    We have been well aware of these arguments for some considerable time and in fact I notice that in a few places some of the arguments bear a strong resemblance to something that I wrote a couple of years ago.There is not a hope in hell that the banks would relish the idea of getting involved in another bank charges goldrush which this forum started in 2006 and therefore there is not a hope in hell that any bank that receives particulars of claim will not see it all the way into court.There is not a hope in hell that any county court judge would be prepared to bite the bullet even on the relevant parts of the particulars of claim and give a judgement in favour of a bank charges claimant. It would have to be decided at least by High Court judge.Anybody who gets involved in trying to claim their bank charges on the basis of this particulars of claim is cruising for a hiding. You can be absolutely certain that the banks will want to deliver a very painful lesson to anyone who pops up out of the woodwork and tries to start training bank charges again.I think that is extremely foolhardy to offer this particulars of claim to ordinary bank charge victims without giving a very full explanation of the likely risks of getting hurt – which I rate as extremely high.
    Most people who use this particulars of claim would probably not really understand the arguments, and would not automatically understand that they were letting themselves in a very long and difficult and potentially expensive and complicated period of litigation fraught with danger with a high possibility of losing the case.

    Stephen of the Consumers forums say: ,
    by Published on 18-06-2011 09:43 PM     Number of Views: 3916 

    It has come to our attention that some members have received Emails or Phone messages purporting to come from this site.

    They are a "SCAM" - similar to the 100's you've had before from the late and lamented Honourable Lord Sir Barrister etc etc who has left a fortune to you and just awaits the "Handling Fee"

    They didn't come from the Penalty Charges Forum.

    The only emails we send are "News Letters" !!

    We don't have your phone number.

    We never ask for money, for any fees or the like.

    However if you want to make a donation, then we're grateful and thank you.

    These emails or phone messages say, more or less, there is £3000 cash in refunded bank charges - but only if you buy and give the code number of a £300 ukash voucher.


    Ask yourself why would a bank pay money to a consumer forum, in order for them to charge a fee?
    Answer......I don't think so!!

    Banks only refund directly,unless you're with a Claims Management Company,
    We aren't a Claims Management Company

    If you receive an Email or Phone Call, from someone claiming to be from here or representing us, contact any member staff here directly with the details so we can follow it up. also make sure you inform
    by Published on 15-12-2009 01:00 AM  Number of Views: 4005 
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    Penaltycharges is proud to have this on our home page, We must stress Pc had nothing to do with the making ...
    by Published on 14-12-2009 01:00 AM
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    The Reclaiming Bank Charges Campaign started by Stephen Hone back in 2004/05 has grown to be perhaps the biggest consumer ...
    by Published on 27-11-2009 01:00 AM
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    2. News Is very pleased to confirm that we have joined forces with Money Saving expert, Legal Beagles and the Consumer Action Group.
    In a joint campaign against unlawful bank charges, Money Saving Expert has paid for Ray Cox QC to draft the New Particular of Claim for all forums, which should be available for members to use within 10 days,

    We stress that all sites are now working as one to bring Justice to all consumers who have been the victim(s) of Unlawful bank charges
    by Published on 27-11-2009 01:00 AM
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    Today Stephen Hone founder of Penalty charges asked the Labour party to support the Supreme Courts view that parliament may wish to revisit the Regulations,

    their response is below:

    Dear Mr Hone

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