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    1. rumpole's Avatar
      rumpole -
      hi all, during the early part of this year i had a phone call from scottish power, i was very specific in asking them if i would have a fixed rate for both units and direct debit amount. it was to be 59 per month for both gas and electric, so i agreed to them supplying me, first month debit was 62 i let that go thinking that as it was only slightly over it didnt matter. next i recieved an email stating my direct debit was to go up to 81per month. i initiated a complaint but didnt follow it thru, next i recieved a bill for 87 thru the post so restarted the complaint process, and insisted the investigator listen to the tapes of the call that started it all off. the investigator was very thorough, and listened to the tapes and confirmed that i had been lied to initially and the telesales guy did say that everything would be fixed until august of next year. she sent me a cheque for 120, enough to pay the bill and some money as a gesture of goodwill.
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